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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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video on demand. an omission st now with some of you want. to. welcome back here with. this week's top stories now blast rocks the capital del rose killing thirteen and injuring hundreds five people believed to be behind the bombing are under arrest and. the editor of a website that supports one of the world's most wanted terrorists is gone on trial in finland but it's over claims of smuggling people from the north caucasus into the country even though many want him to face charges of spreading extremism. the hype around russia's presidential election of two thousand and twelve is gathering
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pace with still no clarity about the candidates prime minister putin this week said it's too premature to talk about the race stressing there is no rivalry between him and president been vetted. and europe's in gauged in how to handle all the wave of immigrants coming from the violence torn arab world you know his decision to offer a hand of thousands of temporary residence permits is causing a stir in the e.u. as its reason free travel might see the exodus into neighboring countries. up next a leading russian expert on transnational crime tells us about the underlying nature of terrorism its sources and most notorious figures.
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another is a fan of thank you for being with us today once again rumors about the death of russia's most wanted and flying around do you believe that doco marvel's dead unfortunately we don't presently have any official confirmation as i know the required medical examinations and other procedures are finalized yet however according to various implicit data he's likely to be alive without many people thought prematurely that perhaps dr marge was killed but doesn't i ration of a terrorist gangs leader actually mean elimination of the actual organization as well but instead because of that in principle it does it's not by chance and the entire international community is focused on the leaders of the us decision regarding the lists of the taliban and al qaeda leaders particularly about names or the key bearers or implementors of ideology for instance osama bin ladin will mark and so on in the afghan area also eventually macgruber region in africa and northern caucasus and others therefore ideologist and leaders are always connected
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to organizations we know a large number of examples throughout history when the disappearance of a sacred leader to cry the whole structure of its power as a rule an organization emerges following the collision of some significant processes in a character with complicated causal facts that's why the international community focuses on neutralizing the leader in some way or another hoping pressure will follow on the structure it only makes sense of the structure is impacted negatively it undermines the organization's combative spirit and then leaders begin to alternating compete for power in the structure guests organized clearly these aspects undermine the organization in general. according to your information how many camps and militants are left in other regions. well in one way or another. national antiterrorism committee has the exact figures for each republic of north caucasus as well as a general understanding of what is going on there i can say that in some republics we're talking tens of militants but that figure rises to several hundred people and
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some of the biggest. said russia's counterterrorism system has a good general understanding of what is going on in north caucasus why and how many individuals are involved these days there is indeed a complete picture available to us of all the parameters you're asking about. in your opinion which regions raised the largest number of militants or do they have in common why did these young men become militant so gladly. this is probably the key issue which is some point following global events as united us all as we know there are three sources nursing terrorism funds human resources and ideology to a large extent when we first faced terrorism we focused on the level of technologies and human resources primarily research arms people and means we wanted to know who was doing what only some time later we saw the ideological foundation which joins all these aspects together the ideological infrastructure unites nurtures and provides more than just a very powerful direct support but sometimes even the support and affection coming
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from the streets hovers in the air in the environment it also means a lot for convenience we can say radical ideology exists not only in what we call terrorism jihad and so on to a larger standard in terms of today's atmosphere we've been seeing protests and radical sentiment arising in different places for various reasons there are numerous semi political semi topical civic movements and structures with some reserve of radicalism areas of its application are just details this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon of the radical protest sentiment which then showed itself in totally different forms away as. what is russia willing to do in order to resist the terrorism threats beyond its borders for instance are we willing to take our troops to our borders and. the answer to this question is in the fact that radicalism and terrorism can be cured not only and not so much by troops what was the initial reaction of the international community to terrorist attacks they wanted to fight back this reaction was rather reflexive to respond to pain by
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causing pay and therefore now that we've studied the adversary more closely we understand that our reserves in the areas of culture education media business and civil society haven't used even twenty percent of their potential these are the genuine resources that should work were lying unarmed for. as in trying to resolve problems by those means doesn't correspond to the overall philosophy and struggle against this particular evil i don't know is it true that russia is a buffer that protects europe from terrorist threats no no russia was among the first to encounter that. there's a very beautiful formula which is very widely used the world changed on nine eleven am i right in part we consider it to be true but it's not always so sometimes it's absolutely different look by september eleventh algeria had been in flames for ten years and certain processes were under way in chechnya afghanistan was also in flames there and in the balkans in all those trouble spots and sent signals including our signals in the world community we faced a new phenomenon and there was a new challenge so respond to this challenge together and what was the reaction it
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was arrogant we were taught no it only happens in places where figurative li speaking there is no democracy and we're authoritarian regimes are in power when all that happened i think would be more correct to say that the absence of reaction to the signals that were pointing to the emergence of a new form of the adversary had led to nine eleven or the enemy wasn't born on september eleventh he simply rose at full length from the trenches all of us in part had allowed him to get to his feet or the absence of doing timely reaction to be more precise. what without even mention nine eleven until today bin laden has been a number one and hero but a new and hero is going to appear do you believe that he can be a man from the caucuses for example. that's a brilliant question indeed judging from life in the islamic street in the mood among young people for more than twenty five years and law has been a hero in many islamic countries a summit in law is someone usually loved and hated in the islamic world they hate
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him for violence the love him for his stance his views and for his inflexibility it's not the case and some people like a lot of others don't this love hate attitude exists in one person because he's a really hero but i think the you know social a psychological loss a hero's time is limited regardless of whether he's going to be caught or neutralized bin laden has been here over twenty five years so another hero will appear in the islamic world and we expect him to be a totally different hero a hero a different genes anyway a change of heroes is going to take place soon but not in a way that one bin laden is going to be replaced with yet another bin laden from a different geographical region with a different appearance and with a different age and change is going to be positive and that mr cellphone and unfortunately russia has accumulated a very bitter experience of fighting terrorism today who needs our advise the most . you know i was once invited to participate in a major international forum in vienna organized by the o.s.c.
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it was a very representative event the subject among other things was victims of international terrorism and humanitarian and political attention to them and my greeting address to all the hiring in gas i said apart from you there are even more stream of people here look at a balcony and some other seats many people began turning their heads there are victims sitting over there i went on to say the victims who burn in the new york towers who died in our metro in paris to madrid london in kabul all of them are here makes them different from you and us is that they sit silently yet they are the most vital participants and anti terror meetings of any format and we should consider with what mute questions they said i think there's only one question and you've put it approximately the same way they ask people have you become wiser after our death our law. it was not in vain was it has her death changed anything it's going to be a little bit easier for them if they get an answer to this question at least humanity has learnt the main lesson of life and human death and that something has changed in this way we're going to pay our last tribute to those that this in part
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is an answer to your question we've all paid such a high price of this experience that it's simply criminal and immoral not to share it with other people who should share our experience with pain we should share any experience both in our mistakes and in areas where we've been successful and we have been successful but i can give you examples and others use our experience in this sense there's no other way right there can be no individual experience that would be totally incompatible with the general experience each country puts its own national experience in the common basket of cooperation and after some separation it turns into a universal product the later each individual country can use it for its own account considering certain peculiarities thank you very much for your interview i thank you for such excellent questions. they come in. to play with.
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others wants to take her spirit. but she is the chief of the rivers. is in her destiny. feeling. chasing a drug. chosen from among many. he was given a clear cut mission. a mission he successfully accomplished. became the first ever man in her space. hero of the soviet union and one of the best known persons in the whole world. all his thoughts
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were focused on flight. could he ever think that his life worth would cost him his life. what happened in those few seconds. and what see could sneeze seal the barrels still hold. your regard any. one r.g.b. . color. space is the backbone of our national security there is no substance and there is no truth to military comes from space. bombs on target little time elements to look subtle about and much will either able to deliver through a space ship or seem. to. leave. out the film have to count.
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and we must. be. several hundred. years of investment in the peaceful uses of barter space. on this incredible investment from the united states and from the european union in canada other countries like this this stuff is completely in jeopardy if we start putting reference in outer space. look. to live in a country that don't understand that there's more violence the streets of this country than there are in the street. sam baghdad. this. young man very.
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hotel pacific resort and spa. in israel. some hotel time periods in hotels jerusalem. this week's top stories metro blasts rocked the capital of bel roots killing thirteen and injuring hundreds of people believed to be behind a bombing are under arrest. yet a tour of a website that supports one of the world's most wanted terrorists has gone on trial in finland but it's over claims of smuggling people from the north caucasus into the country even though many want them to face charges of spreading extremism. the hype around russia's presidential election of two thousand and twelve is gathering pace with still no clarity about a candidate prime minister for this week said it's too premature to talk about the race stressing there is no rivalry between him and president may be added. and
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europe's and gauged in how to handle the wave of immigrants coming from the violence torn arab world italy's decision to offer tens of thousands of temporary residence permits is causing a stir in the e.u. as it's these are free travel might see the exodus seep into neighboring countries . time now for the sports of base with anger. hello there thanks for watching the sport and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes champions tell about you lie down plans lift the garden cup for the first sign. off on my game set and match favorites russia lead this league team meal and they're fed cup semi final in moscow. plus the latest actually the russian premier league when you go to school but find i think. we'll start with the football in the russian premier league where defending champions any are trying to
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get back on top of the russian premier league softening they are away and one could go a point clear lead is bolder with the victories but it is gone with within an hour gone by boulder could reclined top spot is necessary later when they face local might see in moscow cheers go routine go head to head in sunday's big game for last part of moscow second vote from a spot now which it. now yes they can ban my good after two you know when the time to roll stop despite being reduced to ten men less than a threw away i got the first real cracker and that was followed by a strike mess sent a hard. time for the second from three yards to seal the wind alexy course law was saying to hold the band after the second day i was around for the final score was a little rushed up to see. the other games on saturday finished goalless cross holding on to second spot after drawing pretty stiff yet so it's tearing up
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to twelve after getting a point against me but then our mascot. and i were in england bunch the city have reached the f.a. cup final beating ten man manchester united one in when billy so when their hopes of the trouble with going ring suspended dimitar berbatov led the reds attack and was put in front of the fifty minutes this somehow did over. city that second best in the thirst tough but improved in the say the right up of the head i think it's not the parents' past their united did try for sperm their chances would. tell a serious blow when paul scholes was given the straight bat that challenge on power blows up a letter city hung on to victory day will play the winner today's other semi between bolton i'm stuck. i think that we started their game. because i think that we have. the first twenty minutes but our football is like in the second half. we can beat every team
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because we beat united that is if i just came. off of the first row. when you have looked future and sees people treat everyone fairly hard to see if you can perform well. should the. united states of the english premier league but while they were in action in the cup chelsea moved within eight points of them the three one win at west brom the other end of have been all sorts of changes wigan are out of the relegation zone expensive blackpool after their three one win over the seaside is aston villa came back to twenty one and west time he dropped the second both of them in a billion out of sorts sunderland so you know who are getting drawn into the relegation scrap themselves as our blackburn he lost the everton by the same school line second highest liverpool today with a chance of placing a cap on united just four points. the big clash in spain so barcelona for a one one with reality remain eight points clear of their rivals
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a little messy penalty had got past or ahead at the bag before christianity christiane a renowned equalised also from the sport pep guardiola the happier of the team manages. performance about my team i'm sure. always difficult to come here in the. studio strong people. the way we are. and that we should be as old saying before a victory is a victory a draw is a draw. i never. saw the draw as you are. now today i saw the newly crowned champion style about say they performed like a machine to get their hands on the guerin cup for the first time they beat atlanta three two at home to clinch the best of seven series four one in front of thousands of fans and daniel was that. the perfect before reno so the home side getting off to fast and furious start and beat up looking was quick to smash it
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home just eight minutes in one meal no rest for the afghan girl leap as the hosts give their all to settle the toy as soon as possible and right after the second remission a run for the british patootie. one street and young married promptly took his double boldly chance one one. but it was saw what had they night five minutes from time under a good kick in right from the blue line to make it to one. and inspired by their cheering parents the hosts were quick to extend their elite oleksandr speed up with the strike three one. however it's lunch with fused to give a three minutes from time alex a group of til the lights on formula for the street is man three two. but slow and hang on and when the final whistle sounded its signal a new name escape chill chance. been
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a little three years the british are hard work and take the lead at i don't really want to but i. think. he's. getting killed didn't everybody saws everybody knows that we have a very strong squad all four lines were working like one machine and the results came myself. and i can find the words this is incredible we're the best and we proved it there were a lot of critics and speculation but we tried to ignore it i want to thank everyone that played and those who didn't those who were injured also the wives of all the whole class all the fans and the last off with the best we've come a long way for this and now just look around this is why we play hockey this makes life worth living. so i must have probably deserved this victory more than any
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other h l club as it was then the throne to john chambers of course all the way to the finals. like the most important victory in my opinion is that over act boss because that is a very strong opponent tactically versus team which plays hockey that may not be so elegant at first sight but the game is really efficient it's only logical that they've won the k.h. elza going to come for two years running and it was a holiday series. nevertheless to make it to the going to the finals is what every team twelfth. did and his men living do for us with their heads held high. and the most of us most of my guys. fighters against good players i think we played a moral bully i'm proud of my team we fought until the last minute i want to thank atlanta all the people who've done such a great job i want to thank my players it was a pleasure we almost did it just to. put a new on our t.v.
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and for central russia. gratulations to sign about now fed cup tennis and russia are just one win away from reaching the final let up and their semi against italy go after it is one of the over and over one that opening singles in the russian capital are mostly star plays francesca schiavone and flavia pennetta sense of honor the old made light work of world number forty three start it on yesterday the russian taking the first and followed that up by winning the second six to the world number three plays with a four. definitely because i expect it's a very tough match in. i would say it was i had to fight for every point i made a very clean match from the first one until the last ball and i. very good game in the level of the game was very high and i didn't really get didn't really give her any chances to get into the game and find her really satisfied and have
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been mostly i'm happy that he gave the first round to make him. however two time grand slam champion chris had a tougher task against roberta vinci the home favorite took the first set six two but then she won the next in the tiebreaker for the russians but it's the six one to take the match business over saying afterward she always felt she had enough to beat her. you know for sure i mean it was. kind of easy marks because if you. have a much higher in focus so. you want her to stay. of course a. traditional first said but second. this was the whole time so it. puts pressure on her spirits and this will. so today sees the reversing rules and then the doubles and the fall of the oval could send russia into the final defeat in the first time. near this i mean
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fine in belgium and the czech republic are level one at pace people stay with tennis though because rafael nadal is going for his seventh straight monte carlo masters title today he's up against a spaniard david fair in the final after beating andy murray in three sets by his only admission was not best but that said he still managed to take the first set six four however murray threatened an upset as he spoke through the second set sixteen finishing it off with a lovely drop shot. but the great hatred to drain his arm in the deciding set and that seemed to affect his again and the dow breezing through that six one they're handing him out. of business was up than on. winning seven. more the. because is more important. when you're. so his next opponent
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is david ferrer and he had an easy time against often you can mail so he defeated roger federer in the quarter is taking the first set six three before comfortably claiming the second sixty. never mind great masters last year the world number one one day to day. one just time to tell you in the last few minutes lewis hamilton has won the chinese grown pretty overtaking red bulls to bash him vettel in the closing stages to push him into second and teammate mark webber which third russia's batali petroff came home ninth in his reign that is all the sport for that. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from the ground.
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we've done the future coverage. i'm.
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